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Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
accepted. >> you're looking at the most hated man in u.s. politics. a man who stole almost a million bucks from his campaign and blew it on -- well really cool stuff. jesse jackson, jr. and this video is about to get awesome. >> we got jesse jackson, jr. in d.c. it's the first time since he pled guilty to spending $750,000 on personal stuff. >> a fur cape. a mounted elk's head. >> a football signed by two american presidents. $17,000 on cigars and other tobacco products. >> and most importantly a used michael jackson fedora. >> and on the streets of d.c. our photog asked the questions everybody wants to know. why the michael jackson fedora and not the glove? >> come on. >> that is great. >> that's not all. >> where is the michael jackson fedora now? are you going to keep the fedora or the bruce lee memorabilia? >> apparently he bought a bunch of bruce lee memorabilia as well. >> we love him. >> amazing. >> you get to wear the michael jackson fedora? >> and finally -- >> have a good one, jesse. >> what do you think about j3 now? >> he's made some ethical choices in what he bought. >> where
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm EST
, then monica lewinsky and today you can add a bigger u.s. government scandal to the list. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for. >> except for everyone else in the white house who already knows. >> yes, it was the first lady was not the first person to open the best movie envelope scandal. >> "argo. >> for no particular reason michelle obama announced the winner for best picture last night. but it was no secret in washington. >> there is no way you can have an envelope going into the first lady's hands and it's not screened thoroughly for security. >> exactly, they have to make sure the envelope didnt have anthrax or doesn't say "amour" because that film isn't american and if it wins, so do the terrorists. >> all they have to do is x-ray it. >> you don't think they opened it? >> no. >> if that's the case, when i called the secret service today, why would they say -- >> quote, we're not going to comment on that. why are you keeping secrets secret service? what is next, policemen policing people? you know who won best picture before we did. >> who cares if they know. t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2